Depending on the effect you are after we provide a wide range of possibilities.
You are able to choose between an original photo print in gallery quality on Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper, a direct print on aluminum backing, an original photo print under acrylic glass or a canvas print on stretcher frame.

Print on glossy paper

Original photo print in gallery quality

The Lambda print on Fuji Crystal DP II meets the most demanding standards: it is sharp, brilliant and its colors are luminous. Professional photographers rely on its combination of ultra-modern laser technology, traditional photochemical development and the renowned, high-end photo paper from Fujicolor. For our print on Fuji Crystal DP II you can choose a matte, glossy and a shimmering silk surface depending on the effect you want it to have. You can also opt to have your image developed with a classic white border.

  • | 75-year guaranty on color brilliance
  • | Choos from matte, glossy or silky shimmering surface
Print under 4mm acrylic glass

Original photo print on aluminum backing

Do you want nothing but the highest-quality premium presentation for your favorite images? If so, we recommend our original photo print on aluminum backing. With the modern Durst Lambda exposure system the image is developed on high-end photo paper from Fuji. After the traditional chemical development process we mount your photo print on a highly-stable aluminum Dibond panel. Refine your image with a glossy or matte finish to accentuate its effect.

  • | Sophisticated mounting without glass
  • | A direct print on aluminum backing and our HD metal prints are suitable for bath rooms and outdoor areas
  • | The print is cured under UV light, effectively protecting your image from sunlight, contaminants and moisture
  • | The integrated wall-mounts on the back of the picture make it easy to hang it securely
Print under 4mm acrylic glass

Photos prints under acrylic glass

Although it weighs very little acrylic glass is very shatterproof. All the best characteristics of your photo print are intensified when mounted under glossy acrylic glass. The colors are more vivid and there is a sense of extra depth.
Our photo prints under acrylic glass arrive ready to hang with wall-mounts attached to the dibond backing.

  • | Choose from 2mm, 4mm or 6mm acrylic glass
  • | A matt acrylic surface is also available in 2mm
  • | Depth and vivid color - sophisticated mounting has a big impact
  • | Durable - robust with guaranteed brilliant colors and UV protection
Print on canvas

Print on Canvas

Our photo canvases wrapped on stretcher frames use a premium print that wows with rich luminous colors. Using a highly advanced 8-color Inkjet printing technique the pictures maintain their brilliance for decades. The inks are encapsulated in resin which makes the print waterproof and smudge-proof right away.

  • | Large color gamut – saturated, luminous colors resulting from 8-color print
  • | Dependable coverage through multilayered printing
  • | Precise reproduction – high resolution and nuanced hues for outstanding detail

Integrated wall-mount

On every back of the picture you will find a ready-to-hang solution.
Depending on the size of the picture we have 3 different wall-mounts
included in the standard price

Bordering aluminum rail: for pictures with any edge over 19.7" (50 cm)

Hooks: for pictures with edges of 9.8" (25 cm) or less

Your photo canvas is easy to hang from its own stretcher frame.


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